Misinformation and sovereignty.

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How to defend independence. Social networks promise to do everything possible to prevent the expected foreign confidence in the upcoming elections in Canada. These promises were a response to the appeals of Justin Trudeau’s government about the need to combat the misinformation sent from abroad.

However, Facebook refused to close “false” accounts on its own initiative, noting that the exposure of foreign agents is the responsibility of the relevant government agencies. By the way, protection against illegal influence from abroad should include not only blocking the sources of disinformation in social networks, but also ensuring the independence of Canadian authorities from “soft” pressure from outside.

Therefore, it is quite surprising that the Liberal-controlled Canadian parliament refused to support the bill on countering the “financial implications” of foreign lobbyists.

The bill, under the eloquent title of the Foreign Lobbyist Transparency Act, called for ensuring transparency of financial income from individuals, corporations, and organizations seeking to influence the policies of the Canadian government.

The bill was submitted by a deputy from the Conservative Party, and did not receive the support of either the liberals or the new democrats. Now this initiative, which is very important for ensuring the sovereignty of Canada, has been included in the election program of federal conservatives.

UN Call: New Wave

Relocation of peoples to Canada. The UN has called on Canada to accept part of the citizens of Latin America who are in Mexico as refugees. Most of them are citizens of Honduras, El Salvador and Venezuela. First of all, recommends the UN Commission on Refugees, Canada should accept representatives of particularly vulnerable groups – children, women and sexual minorities. This appeal was largely the result of President Trump’s efforts to protect the southern frontier of his country from the massive infiltration of illegal immigrants. Apparently, Canada will have to accept a new wave of migrants, against the background of the fact that the budgets of all levels cannot cope with the provision of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants.