Canadian Conservatives Program.

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Against carbon and illegal immigrants. Leader of the Federal Conservative Party Andrew Shire announced the main points of the election program. One of the main promises of conservatives is to abolish the federal carbon tax, which the Justin Trudeau government is lining up on those provinces that refused to introduce their own carbon tax.

In addition, the Conservatives intend to repeal laws that impede the implementation of major projects in the field of raw energy, as well as to lift the ban on the movement of oil tankers off the northern coast of British Columbia. Shire recalled that by the beginning of the board of Justin Trudeau liberals, three large international companies were going to invest more than $ 30 billion in three energy and raw materials projects in Canada. As a result, they invested this money in other countries, the leader of the conservatives said.

According to him, it’s time to stop pretending that oil and natural gas are no longer needed. At the same time, Shire noted the need to step up efforts towards renewable energy sources. In addition, the Conservatives promise to ban the participation of groups financed from abroad in the development of Canadian laws is of particular interest. Finally, the leader of the conservatives promised to stop abusing the Canadian immigration system and stop the flow of illegal migrants to bring justice to immigrants and real refugees.

Voluntary “victims of science.”

Experimental abuse. Science requires sacrifice – including voluntary. The National Post reported that a research center was being built in Quebec, where various experiments with dead bodies will be conducted. A variety of upcoming experiments on human remains is simply hard to imagine: they will be left to decompose on the surface of the earth and in river water, laid in graves in various types of soil, bring to various degrees of decomposition – including bare skeleton. All this will be done in the interests of science – more precisely, forensic science. Reception of bodies will be held on a voluntary basis with the lifetime consent of their owners. As the “Post” notes, there have already been quite a few volunteers who want to bequeath their bodies to experimental abuse.