Arctic rivalry.

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Who owns the North Pole. Canada submitted its application for part of the ocean day in the Arctic. Applications from countries bordering the Arctic are submitted to one of the UN organizations, which will have to settle the territorial requests of such states as Canada, Russia and Denmark. The basis for the UN decision will be geological factors that will be taken into account when making decisions.

Most of the Arctic states have already filed their applications. But Canada five years ago refused to submit a ready application – by the way, costing $ 100 million – because then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper considered that Canada’s requests should be more extensive and, in particular, should include the North Pole. By the way, Russia claims to the northernmost point of the planet. Well, and the main goal of the states competing for the Artik is giant deposits of various natural resources that lurk under the ocean floor.

Amnesty for the lord.

The incredible fate of Conrad Black. Former major publisher Konrad Black (pictured) received a full amnesty from President Donald Trump. In the 90s, erudite and enterprising Black created the international publishing conglomerate Hollinger Inc.

The conglomerate included dozens of newspapers published in various countries of the world, including the Jerusalem Post, the National Post, the Daily Telegraph and several others. In 2001, Black was awarded the knighthood for his services. But the influential conservative publisher clearly did not like the liberal government of Jean Chrétien. Taking advantage of the old and in fact not applying the law prohibiting citizens of Canada to have aristocratic titles, the liberals forced Black to refuse a Canadian passport. After receiving the title of Baron Crossharbor and a seat in the British House of Lords, Black was convicted by a US court a few years later on charges of deceiving investors and trying to mislead justice. The Baron pleaded not guilty, and was sentenced to 78 months in prison. He was released early three years later, after which he lived in Canada and wrote articles on various topical issues – including the conservative National Post, which he created once. According to the Lord, Trump amnestied him because of the injustice of the sentence.